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SHE is founded by three sisters from Southern California who share a legit passion for organic living. SHE aims to solve a problem and overhaul an industry run by out-of-touch goliaths. No big deal… just another day at the office. With unique insights from diverse professional backgrounds -- Kim, a Doctor of Physical Therapy; Lauren, a Registered Nurse; Lindsay, a Certified Financial Planner™ -- SHE noticed major issues with today’s name brand tampons. From the ingredients (chemicals, dyes and synthetic materials) to the way they are made (non-organic farming – pesticides anyone?), SHE knew the industry was waiting for an innovative newcomer to drag it into the twenty-first century...and thus...SHE was born.



    Hi, I'm Lindsay, lucky big sister to Kim and Lauren! I'm a financial guru who loves to solve problems...(including the Sunday New York Times crossword puzzle).

    I take my health seriously and am a serial fitness experimenter. SHE is important to me because we are taking steps towards sustainability and convenience for us girlbosses. My personal assortment of a box of 32 is 10 Lites, 18 Regs, and 4 Supers.


    Starting a business with my sisters is something that I'm really proud of, and the fact that we are providing a product for women is something we're all very passionate about.

    Our mission is to educate women about a product they have been using their entire lives. We are here to offer an alternative that's better for the farmers who cultivate it, better for the environment, and better for women who use it. SHE is for women, by women, and I couldn't be more proud.


    Hi I'm Lauren, youngest sister of the family. Now that I have reached adulthood (oh to be a kid again), I wear several hats in life. I am a nurse, mama & wife.

    My husband was thrilled when I told him about SHE, given he's made several tampon runs for me..thanks honey! And as a full-time working mom, time is a precious commodity. Instead of loading the kids in the car and rushing to the store, SHE delivers them straight to my door. Priceless.

The Passion, Purpose & Mission

As you can imagine, we were shocked to learn about the ingredients in the tampons we have been using most of our lives. Let’s use a product that is better for our body and better for the environment. We are excited to share this knowledge and spread the word: what we put in our bodies is important. Join us in the movement of going organic today.

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