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5 Things to Do Before Bed to Get Better Rest at Night

5 Things to Do Before Bed to Get Better Rest at Night

Falling asleep is one thing, but getting rest? That’s another story. Whether you’re in a stressful phase of life or you’re pressed to check off each box on your to-do list during the day, getting the rest you need at night will always help you to put your best foot forward in the morning. We know you’ve got a lot on your plate and we want to help by giving you a few tips to get your best rest when it counts.

1 | Journal

One of the things keeping you up at night might simply be the fact that you're still processing your day. Whether it was a typical Monday, a whacky Wednesday, or you just seem to be finding way too many wrenches thrown into your plans, sometimes it can be hard to wind down at night if playing reruns of the last few hours is all your brain wants to do. Instead, try grabbing a journal and jotting down a few things that happened that day; you know, the things that bothered you or may have stressed you out. Something about the psychology of getting your thoughts out on paper will help get them out of your mind and give way to real rest.

2 | Make a list for the next day

Ok, so maybe you’re not going over the day you just had in your head, but you are pretty stressed about your to-do list for tomorrow! If you’re trying to fall asleep but keep thinking of things you have to remember to do tomorrow, try keeping a notepad next to your bed or use a list-making app. Before laying down in bed, make a detailed list of things you have to do the next day (or even the next few days), or make that grocery list ahead of time for when you head to the store. Then lie down reassured that you’re not going to forget a thing! You can sleep easy knowing that it’ll all be written down in front of you when you wake up and grab that first cup of coffee.

3 | Drink a cup of detox tea

Some of the things we eat during the day will process well, give us nutrition, energy, and leave us feeling great. And then some things don’t. Like that slightly oversized bowl of ice cream you ate during your Netflix binge. In order to help your body get the reboot it needs, try drinking a cup of decaffeinated (!!!) detox tea before bed as well as a glass of water. Also, make sure to do this about an hour or so before turning out the lights to leave yourself a chance to get to the bathroom first. We don’t want you to blame us for a middle of the night trip to the loo.

4 | Read a paper book

As we’re winding down for the night, it’s easy to want  to do something that doesn’t take much brain power like a Netflix binge or scrolling through pretty pictures on our phone. The ironic thing is, studies show that this can actually stimulate brain function and actually make it harder to fall asleep at night! Instead, try to set your alarm and put the phone away at least a half hour before bed. Then, take 20 minutes or so to read through that book you’ve been meaning to finish. And don’t feel like you have to be an intellectual, there are mind numbing books out there, too, that will be sure to put your brain to sleep.

5 | Listen to white noise

Raise your hand if the soft lull of rolling beach waves could coax you to sleep! Or maybe you’re a little bit more low-maintenance than that and just having a fan in your room would help your mind fall softly into a sweet slumber. Having white noise, whether made naturally though ambiance or using an app, can do wonders to cut out distracting noises and dull the sounds that might catch your attention when you’re trying to sleep. Fair warning, once you start down this road, it’s hard to turn back!

What’s in your bedtime routine that helps you hit the hay at night? Share your tips in the comments below and let us know which tip in this post was your favorite!